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This downloadable PDF has been produced to set out the minimum information required by RMP in order to provide quotations for each class of business.

Any Public Sector tender is likely to include several Lots or classes of business to respond to and in order for us to give each the appropriate consideration including reviewing the information provided in the tender, raising and receiving the answers to any queries, considering any bespoke service requirements and so on, we would appreciate a minimum turnaround of four weeks which will enable us to produce the best possible terms.

Whilst we have endeavoured to cover the majority of the most common questions that are raised, there may be additional queries depending on the individual client. We will try to keep these to a minimum but being able to meet the deadline will be dependent on getting responses to these additional questions within a reasonable period. We will collate all additional questions and aim to get them forwarded to you or uploaded to the tender portal within 7 days.

A similar timescale operates for the renewal process and we would greatly value your support in working with your clients to achieve this for both tenders and renewals.

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