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RMP appreciate the importance of providing customers with direct access to their inspection documentation. With HSB Connect, the online inspection reporting tool, this is now much more accessible.

Designed with our inspection customers in mind, HSB Connect provides online access to key inspection reports and management information.

Suitable for all customer sizes and industry types, HSB Connect incorporates a user-friendly interface where onscreen information can easily be tailored by the user to suit their individual needs; ensuring inspection customers are able to access the key information they require.

HSB Connect provides users with:

  • Online access to key inspection reports
  • A user-friendly dashboard providing inspection information at a glance
  • Access to extensive, exportable management information, and reporting facilities
  • Access via an internet-connected web browser, using the technology most appropriate to you; desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone

Key features of HSB Connect

Management information - Access extensive, exportable inspection management information.

Internet and mobile-enabled - Access inspection reports wherever you are, using the technology most appropriate to you; desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone (web browser with an internet connection required).

Dashboard screen - User-friendly Dashboard displays key status indicators for all items of plant and equipment inspected by HSB, providing an immediate status overview and allowing rapid identification of items requiring action.

Latest screen - Provides notification of, and access to, your Latest inspection reports. Users can manually adjust timeframes for report searches and utilise multiple search options as well as export the data.

Alerts screen - Notification of, and access to, any Alerts raised within the last 90 days (timeframe is user-adjustable), notifying users about items that require action. As well as current items, users can also look to the future for items which are due an inspection. Users can also subscribe to email alerts to receive notification of newly released inspection reports.

Locations screen - Provides the facility to view inspection items by location/site.

Charts screen - Pie and bar Charts provide an overview of items historically, in the current period and in the future, together with a drill-down facility. Five different charts are provided: Current Results, Results by Quarter, Results by Year, Due This Year, Due Next Year.

Search facility - Extensive Search facility, including access to historical reports.

Personalisation - Easily customise the way information is displayed by dynamically configuring Dashboard elements for the current log-in period or permanently (via the Settings menu).

User management - User administration allows self-management of an unlimited number of additional users and their access rights.

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