Combined Liability - Medical Treatment Decision Tree & Treatment Table

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Recent years have seen substantial changes and closer working relationships, often in the form of formal partnerships between Health Authorities and Local Authorities in delivering joined up services.

Accordingly, a blurring of the traditional boundaries has occurred with Health and Social Services staff now potentially finding themselves engaged in tasks which were once perceived the domain of Health Care employees. The Children’s Act 2004 has further contributed to the changes being experienced in this field.

Whilst a Medical Malpractice exclusion applies to our Public Liability Policies, there is an agreement to do extend coverage to include certain types of treatment. The Decision Tree outlines which treatments we are able to provide cover for together with a Treatment Table showing specific treatments in alphabetical order. It is important to note that this is a guide only and any specific enquiry should be channelled through your RMP Account Director.

Depending on the circumstances a Local Authority may require a separate Medical Malpractice Policy which our partner, QBE is able to provide.

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