Our people

Excellent working relationships are the key to success. Each member of our account team is a specialist in public sector insurance, and brings years of experience to support our clients.

Our dedicated team will provide you with the advice and support you need to best serve your local community.


Leadership team

  • Nick colyer

    Nick Colyer

    Managing Director 020 7204 1800 nick.colyer@rmpartners.co.uk

    Nick has more than 25 years' of commercial underwriting experience, more than half of this within the Public Sector both with RMP and previously leading the insurance and risk management division of a large UK based insurance company. Nick joined RMP in 2010 initially in the role of National Development Director. In his current role as Managing Director, Nick leads the strategic and operational management of the organisation.

  • Roy tapper

    Roy Tapper

    Chief Operating Officer 020 7204 1800 roy.tapper@rmpartners.co.uk

    Roy has worked exclusively in public sector insurance and risk management for over 20 years and set up and managed the Public Sector Practice in the South for a major national broker. Roy joined RMP in 2007 as an Account Director and became Regional Director for The South in 2009. Roy is now Chief Operating Officer and he has responsibility for service delivery across the UK.

Central operations

  • Joanne seaward

    Joanne Seaward

    Projects Director 020 7204 1800 joanne.seaward@rmpartners.co.uk

    Jo has over 30 years' public sector insurance and risk management experience in a variety of roles with both insurers and brokers. She joined RMP in 2004 and was responsible for the day to day management of the RMP administrative team in London.  Jo took up her current role in 2012.

  • Philip farrar

    Philip Farrar

    UK National Development Director 020 7204 1800 philip.farrar@rmpartners.co.uk

    Philip began his career in 1986 with Municipal Mutual and worked at two of their branches before joining the broking world (Aon) in 1992 where he stayed for 12 years working as part of their National Public Sector Team. He joined RMP in 2004, where he was responsible for service delivery in the North of England and Scotland as well as managing his own accounts. 

    Since January 2012 Philip has been RMP’s National Development Director.

    Philip’s specialisms include risk financing and tender management and he has become a recognised speaker at ALARM and Insurance Officer conferences.

  • Adrian bloor

    Adrian Bloor

    UK Claims Director 020 7204 1800 adrian.bloor@rmpartners.co.uk

    Adrian has over 25 years' public sector insurance and risk management experience, for the first 10 years with an insurer in a variety of roles on the claims management side. Joining RMP in 1999, Adrian managed a portfolio of accounts across the North of England, where his claims knowledge and experience constituted an invaluable contribution to his client management and service delivery.

    Since 2014, his responsibilities incorporated the Claims Director role for RMP within the partnership relationships of our panel insurers and Gallagher Bassett as far as concerns claims management activities.

    From August 2015, Adrian is RMP’s UK Claims Director assuming responsibility for claims and how RMP critically manages the component parts together with RMP’s relationships with panel insurers and Gallagher Bassett.

  • Hayley cray

    Hayley Cray

    Personal Assistant to Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer 020 3425 3424 hayley.cray@rmpartners.co.uk

    Hayley joined the team in October 2015 and currently provides PA support to the Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer. Hayley also works closely with the Projects Director to help with marketing and the organisation of events.

London service team

  • Lisa mills

    Lisa Mills

    Operations Director 020 7204 1808 lisa.mills@rmpartners.co.uk

    Lisa has over 14 years' public sector insurance and risk management experience in a variety of roles with both insurers and brokers. She has been responsible for day to day management of the RMP Servicing Team in London since 2012.

    Lisa and her team provide an essential interface between RMP's clients, brokers and their carriers, working closely with RMP’s management and the Account Directors.

  • Julia newton

    Julia Newton

    Senior Account Handler 020 7204 1803 julia.newton@rmpartners.co.uk

    Julia has over 20 years' insurance and risk management experience in a variety of roles with both insurers and brokers. Julia works within the RMP Servicing Team in London working with RMP’s Account Directors and also liaising between brokers and carriers.

  • Adrienne boundy

    Adrienne Boundy

    Senior Account Handler 020 7204 1806 adrienne.boundy@rmpartners.co.uk

    Adrienne has over 10 years' public sector experience in a variety of roles with both insurers and RMP. Since joining RMP in 2005, and broadening her knowledge of public sector risks, Adrienne has been handling a variety of RMP’s clients. Adrienne also has responsibility for preparing and issuing claims experiences for tenders and renewals on behalf of carriers.

  • Daniel platt

    Daniel Platt

    Account Handler 020 7204 6192 daniel.platt@rmpartners.co.uk

    Dan has over 5 years' insurance and risk management experience within different broking roles. Dan works within the RMP Servicing Team in London having joined in January 2017, his day to day role involves liaising with Account Directors, Underwriting and Brokers.

  • James ghiglieri

    James Ghiglieri

    Account Handler 020 7204 8327 james.ghiglieri@rmpartners.co.uk

    James has two and a half years’ experience in insurance looking after a range of policies and clients. After graduating from Swansea University with a 2:1 in Economics, James started his insurance career at a national broker working as an Account Handler in their Commercial team for two years. Having joined in September 2017, James now works as an Account Handler in RMP’s London Servicing Team, dealing with day to day insurance queries and policy renewals

  • Sam clark

    Sam Clark

    Account Handler 020 7204 6212 samuel.clark@rmpartners.co.uk

    Sam joined RMP’s London servicing team in 2014 and is currently handling a variety of clients as well as liaising with Account Directors, Underwriting and Brokers. Sam is also the first point of contact for RMP’s police authority clients and has been vetted to deal with sensitive data.

  • Sam tomkinson2

    Sam Tomkinson

    Account Handler 020 7234 4126 sam.tomkinson@rmpartners.co.uk

    Sam graduated from the University of East Anglia with a Masters degree in Modern History and has over three years’ experience in the insurance industry.  Having joined RMP in June 2018 as an Account Handler in RMP’s London Servicing Team, Sam works with Account Directors, Brokers and Underwriters to manage client’s insurance portfolios.

  • Jack walsh2

    Jack Walsh

    Administration Assistant 020 7204 1804 jack.walsh@rmpartners.co.uk

    Jack joined Gallagher in 2016 and worked in the Real Estate and Facilities team and moved to the RMP London Servicing Team in December 2017.  His day to day role involves liaising with Account Handlers and providing assistance.

Underwriting team

  • Scott lawrence

    Scott Lawrence

    Senior Underwriter 020 7204 1809 scott.lawrence@rmpartners.co.uk

    Scott has specialised in the public sector for 24 years, working for two major international insurers before joining RMP. As well as specialising in casualty and motor lines for local authorities, he has experience of underwriting financial and property lines

  • Patrick igwebike

    Patrick Igwebike

    Senior Underwriter 020 7204 8322 patrick.igwebike@rmpartners.co.uk

    Patrick has over 30 years' insurance underwriting experience with 10 years with MMI/ZMI in the Public sector & almost 20 years in the Commercial/Corporate insurance arena with a leading composite insurer. He is involved in the underwriting for tenders, renewals & new business.

  • James iles

    James Iles

    Underwriter 020 7204 1807 james.iles@rmpartners.co.uk

    James has over 10 years insurance experience with 8 of those years spent at RMP.  He was previously a senior account handler until January 2017 when he moved over to the underwriting team as a junior underwriter. He is responsible for underwriting Casualty, Motor and Financial Lines business for new and existing clients.

    James is an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute.

  • Robin groves

    Robin Groves

    Underwriter 020 7234 4887 robin.groves@rmpartners.co.uk

    Robin joined the RMP team in 2007, having previously worked in client servicing and then direct client and tender management roles within RMP.  In late 2017 he joined the underwriting team as a junior underwriter. In this role, he underwrites a selection of renewals and new business.

Northern team

  • Mark povey

    Mark Povey

    Regional Director North 020 7204 1800 mark.povey@rmpartners.co.uk

    Mark has 24 years' experience in the public sector insurance and risk management market, having previously worked for two major public sector insurers.  Since joining RMP in 2004 as an Account Director, Mark has managed a portfolio of accounts across the South of England specialising in the management of our Police clients. Mark transferred to the Northern team of RMP in January 2014 and in August 2015 assumed responsibility as Regional Director. Mark is now responsible for all aspects of service delivery in the region in addition to managing his own clients.

  • Adela green

    Adela Green

    Account Director 020 7204 1800 adela.green@rmpartners.co.uk

    Adela has over 20 years' of insurance experience covering all areas of the industry, ranging from working for national and Lloyd’s brokers (on both the placing and account management side) to managing global insurance programmes for a major insurer. She has worked in the Public Sector since 2008, as the Risk and Insurance lead in two large County Councils.

    Adela joined RMP in September 2015 and manages all aspects of service delivery for our clients in the Northern region.

  • Catherine starrs2

    Catherine Starrs

    Account Director 020 7204 1800 catherine.starrs@rmpartners.co.uk

    Catherine has almost 20 years' experience in the insurance market and has worked with public sector clients for more than 10 years. Prior to joining RMP she was a major broker’s regional Public Sector Director for Scotland and the North East of England, with responsibility for a wide range of public sector clients including local authorities and their associated bodies,  blue light services and higher education institutions.

    Catherine joined RMP in April 2017 and acts as Account Director for a number of clients in the Northern region.

Southern team

  • Stephen halsall

    Stephen Halsall

    Deputy Chief Operating Officer / Regional Director South 020 7204 1800 stephen.halsall@rmpartners.co.uk

    Stephen has 28 years' experience in the insurance and risk management arena. He joined RMP in February 2011 as an Account Director having spent the previous 10 years of his career working exclusively with Public Sector clients at a leading National Broker. He therefore has an acute understanding of both the Public Sector insurance market as well as the needs of Public Sector organisations.

    In January 2012 Stephen took over the role of Regional Director for RMP’s Southern area and has the responsibility for continuing to drive forward RMP’s business through client acquisition and retention. He leads a 7 strong team of Account Directors and reports directly to RMP’s Chief Operating Officer.

    Stephen is a keen supporter of ALARM at both a UK and Regional level and is an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute.

  • Michael barnes

    Michael Barnes

    Education and Account Director 020 7204 1800 michael.barnes@rmpartners.co.uk

    Michael’s career in the insurance and risk profession spans more than 25 years. He joined RMP in 2012, immediately prior to this he held a senior servicing position at a national broker working exclusively with Public Sector Clients. His experience runs across the entire Public Sector arena, focusing on client needs and evolving risks. Michael looks after accounts across Wales and Southern England.

    From 2013, his responsibilities incorporate the Education Director role for RMP working closely with our panel insurers to drive the development of our Education products across the UK.

  • Julian cummings

    Julian Cummings

    Account Director 020 7204 1800 julian.cummings@rmpartners.co.uk

    Julian has over 30 years' public sector insurance and risk management experience, having worked as an underwriter, claims handler, insurance broker and local authority risk manager. He joined RMP in 2008 and manages a portfolio of accounts predominantly in Wales. Julian’s specialities include understanding the needs of public sector bodies, given his time working within Local Government.

  • Pam savill

    Pam Savill

    Area Director 020 7204 1800 pam.savill@rmpartners.co.uk

    Pam has over 30 years’ of public sector insurance and risk management experience, working in a variety of roles with public sector insurers and brokers. Having joined RMP in 2004, she manages a portfolio of accounts across the south of England and East Anglia. Pam’s specialist area is tender management and she regularly presents at regional ALARM and other insurance conferences.

  • Paul davison

    Paul Davison

    Area Director 020 7204 1800 paul.davison@rmpartners.co.uk

    Paul has worked in the insurance industry for over 30 years, working in a variety of underwriting, operations and business management roles.  Paul has been specialising in the public sector since 2009 and joined RMP in 2014 to manage a portfolio of clients across the Midlands and the South West. His expertise includes tender management, development of client relations and underwriting.

  • Richard blackwell

    Richard Blackwell

    Account Director 020 7204 1800 richard.blackwell@rmpartners.co.uk

    Rick has more than 30 years' experience in insurance and risk management with insurers and brokers, the last 20 years specialising in the public sector. Joining RMP in 2008, he manages a portfolio of accounts across the Midlands. Rick’s specialist areas include tender management, policy coverage and other technical issues.

  • Peter fulthorpe

    Peter Fulthorpe

    Account Director 020 7204 1800 peter.fulthorpe@rmpartners.co.uk

    Peter has worked within the insurance industry for 14 years having worked as a claims handler, insurance broker and account manager, both within the Commercial Market and Public Sector. Peter has over 8 years’ experience working specifically with Public sector bodies.  Peter joined RMP in 2016 and manages a portfolio of accounts across the Midlands and South West. His expertise included tender management and development of client relations.

  • Selina walkley

    Selina Walkley

    Account Director 020 7204 1800 selina.walkley@rmpartners.co.uk

    Selina has over 25 years' of insurance experience working in various roles from insurer, project management and client facing account management. Selina has worked with in the Public Sector as a Client Executive for a broker and then in more recent years has specialised in managing her own portfolio of risk managed multinational programmes.
    Selina joined RMP in February 2016 and manages all aspects of service delivery to the RMP clients within East Anglia within the Southern Region.

Scottish team

  • Anne rock

    Anne Rock

    Regional Director Scotland 020 7204 1800 anne.rock@rmpartners.co.uk

    Anne has over 30 years' experience in the field of general insurance. Prior to joining RMP in 2011 she worked extensively with the Public Sector clients over a period of 20 years in her role with a leading national broker.

    Anne has responsibility for service delivery throughout Scotland in addition to managing her own clients.

  • Russel johnston

    Russell Johnstone

    Account Director 020 7204 1800 russell.johnstone@rmpartners.co.uk

    Russell has more than 27 years' public sector insurance and risk management experience as both a risk manager and as an external consultant having previously worked elsewhere in the public sector for a further 10 years. Joining RMP in 2006, he manages a portfolio of accounts across Scotland and the north of England. Russell has a NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety and is responsible for all aspects of service delivery to his clients.  He is also a Certified member of the IRM - CRIRM.


  • Simon johnson

    Simon Johnson

    Branch Manager – Chelmsford 01245 772102 Simon.Johnson@rmpartners.co.uk

    Simon has 25 years of experience in the insurance industry, 20 of which have been in Claims. He joined Gallagher Bassett in 2001 as a casualty claims handler in the Public Sector team. Simon has specialist knowledge of both commercial and public sectors, in the Casualty and Motor fields. Simon became Branch Manager in 2008, and leads a high performing team of over 40 staff across four claims handling teams.

  • David blackwell

    David Blackwell

    Branch Manager - Midlands 01827 434802 David.Blackwell@rmpartners.co.uk

    David has close to 30 years claims handling experience, more than 20 of which been spent with public sector clients. David joined Gallagher Bassett in 1998 as a senior adjuster before being promoted to Branch Manager in 2005.

  • David haining

    David Haining

    Branch Manager – Stirling 01786 455815 David.Haining@rmpartners.co.uk

    David began his claims career in 1984 working with large insurers, principally dealing with claims against local government clients. He became a Senior Adjuster and Claims Inspector, investigating and settling Motor, Household, Public Liability and Employers’ Liability claims. He joined Gallagher Bassett in 1995 and is now Branch Manager of the Stirling office, overseeing over 40 employees and 16,000 open claims for a wide variety of central government, local government and commercial clients.

  • Karen curtis

    Karen Curtis

    Branch Manager - Swindon 01793 468334 Karen.Curtis@rmpartners.co.uk

    Karen has over 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry and has always been involved in the servicing of large accounts. She has a technical background in both underwriting and claims, predominantly in the motor fleet and personal lines claims arena. Karen was made Branch Manager in 2016 and is responsible for the operational management of Gallagher Bassett’s Swindon office, which has over 50 staff across four claims handling teams.

  • Ian ross bain

    Ian Ross Bain

    Business Development Manager 07764 659433 Ian.ross-bain@rmpartners.co.uk

    Ian helps public sector organisations reduce the costs associated with claims and claims process. He has over 25 years of technical claims and operational management experience, working with a wide range of self-insured organisations.

    Ian works closely with our clients to provide them with intelligent and cost-effective claims solutions. Ian is part of our “Service Excellence” team and represents Gallagher Bassett to industry groups such as AIRMIC, ALARM and CIPFA.

Risk Control

  • Ashley easen

    Ashley Easen

    Director Risk Control 01245 772237 Ashley.Easen@rmpartners.co.uk

    Ashley joined Gallagher Bassett in 2016.  Ashley has worked in the field of risk management and insurance for the last 16 years in a number of leadership roles within the public sector and is experienced in designing and embedding risk management frameworks.    Prior to joining Gallagher Bassett, she was responsible for all risk related services for a large County Council.   Ashley has a degree in Risk Management and regularly presents at ALARM conferences and events.  

  • Carl dunkley

    Carl Dunckley

    Risk Control Manager 07736 865035 Carl.Dunckley@rmpartners.co.uk

    Carl began his risk management career in the NHS before making a move into investment banking to broaden his skills and experience. Carl has been part of Gallagher Bassett for over 14 years and serves a client base located in London, the South and South East counties. He has provided support to a vast number of clients across public sector, commercial sector, and third sector industries, enhancing risk management systems, developing risk-aware cultures, and reducing organisational liabilities.

  • Roger lye

    Roger Lye

    Risk Control Consultant 07824 139566 Roger.Lye@rmpartners.co.uk

    Roger has over 25 years of risk management experience gained from a career in the insurance and services sectors. His primary responsibilities involve providing consultancy and training support to his portfolio of public sector clients across the Midlands and North of England on a variety of risk matters including housing, highways and health and safety

  • Alan thompson

    Alan Thompson

    Risk Control Consultant (Motor) 01245 772226 Alan.Thompson@rmpartners.co.uk

    Alan joined Gallagher Bassett in 2016.  Having 30 years policing experience including Training, Crime and Roads Policing disciplines at core and management levels, Alan has operated nationally and internationally across Europe, the Middle East and the USA working with enforcement and Government Agencies.  He has worked with the HSE and companies to advise and support them through implementation of new procedures to meet the demands of current legislation and support and develop their workforces.